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YOUGO Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital

AGREEMENT NUMBER – 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000028933

Project name: Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital

Project acronym: YOU GO

On March 27, 2022 in Malaga Spain, YouGo Consortium representatives took part in the Kick-Off meeting of the approved KA2 Youth YouGo project which is fully funded by the EU. During the Kick-off Meeting, the You Go representatives discussed about the project steps for the three outputs during the two upcoming years, allocating relevant tasks to each organization. Our Acpelia representatives are Nikolas Nikolaou, Stella Komodromou, and Evangelia Nikolaou.

Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital (YouGo) project fully funded by European Union is a cooperation partnership aimed at promoting the up-skilling in digital entrepreneurship of young women (18 to 30 years) with basic craft skills or already involved in creative business through the creation of an innovative cross-sectoral educational format comprising digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills and the establishment of a dedicated e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products.

During the previous month, we found best practices in young women in Crafts, completing our research as well as young entrepreneurial women, prospective organizations, companies, and stakeholders to start our project well-read and proceed with the Output 1.

This month we are leading interviews with successful young women in Crafts and Stakeholders so as to further our understanding of our objectives, needs, and plans for the creation of our platform.

We are very happy to be in such a beautiful team and we cannot wait to proceed our journey.

The YOU GO project is led by Association Egeria Desarrollo Social , and sees the participation of Mine Vaganti NGO from Italy , Helpu e.V. from Germany , ACPELIA from Cyprus and MB "Efekto grupe" from Lithuania .

Stay tuned for further opportunities, updates, and information! Who knows you may be the next to start your own entrepreneurial business and we, here, try to understand how we can best help YOU! YOU GO.

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