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Nikolas Nikolaou

He is a physics teacher in Schools in Limassol. His studies are as followed:
  • Bsc and Msc in Chemical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens.

  • Bsc and Msc in Physics at the University of Cyprus.

  • Msc in Educational Leadership at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM).

He participated in more than 20 trainers and youth exchanges and he coordinate more than 30 Erasmus projects KA105, KA205, KA229, ΚΑ152, ΚΑ153, ΚΑ210, ΚΑ220.

He is an expert Project Manager, Leader, Trainer and fun of Non – Formal Educational Activities in inclusion, entrepreunership and environmental themes.


Vice President

Orfeas Kritikos

The vice president of our Organisation is a passionate and creative person. He is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University in Business and Management degree. He also did his master’s degree in MBA which help him to be more professional and open-minded. He loves learning new languages, meeting new people and travelling around the world. He participated in several Erasmus+ projects carried out in various countries and was also a trainer in several Erasmus projects. Furthermore, he has participated in various non-profit events such as, summer camp for kids and etc.

General Secretary
Erma Georgiou

Erma Georgiou gained a BA in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens, and then graduated from the drama school of G. Armenis. She is also registered as a yoga and meditation teacher from Yoga Alliance Institute and has attended various seminars on theatrical techniques such as physical theatre, voice lessons e.t.c. But, she is always searching for ways to empower people and find therapy through arts and therefore she attended drama therapy lessons. She has worked with children of refugee background in Elix N.G.O at Athens and she attended to the workshop "Facilitate Teachers using the arts in working with groups'' from P.Y.E organization and she was impressed by the creativity of the process as well as the potential of arts to empower people. At the moment, she is working as a school assistant empowering students with social and educational difficulties, she is also teaching drama lessons to kids and adults in the afternoons and empowering through drama activities people with mental health needs in the psychiatric ward of the Limassol hospital. She has a great passion for the development of individuals as well as groups, and this is the reason that she decided to collaborate and become a trainer at the NGO Acpelia. 


Stella Komodromou

Stella holds a degree in Environmental Science and Technology and Master in Business Administration. She has participated in several national and transnational projects mainly in environmental, educational and youth themes. She has interest in biohacking, self-optimization and tries to find out what motivates people.

Aikaterini Farmakidou

My name is Farmakidou Aikaterini. I come from Greece but I have been living in Cyprus for many years. I studied English Language and Literature in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and my MA is in Arts of English, Open University of the UK. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I would like to do, see and experience. I have been an active member of the Acpelia NGO since 2021 and I have taken part in a Youth Exchange and a Training programme so far. I have worked voluntarily into different organisations. The Acpelia community in combination with my personality and professional skills will broaden my horizons giving me the opportunity to explore different cultural backgrounds and aspects of life around the world. 


Georgios Pilavakis

I consider myself a focused and a motivated person with an in-depth knowledge in matters concerning specifically the teaching of English language to learners whose first language is not English. Keeping motivated ourselves as teachers is the key factor to maintain pupils’ motivation high, in order to ensure their success in fulfilling their academic potentials. I am the kind of person who can behave accordingly so as to face each student’s concerns and I possess excellent communication skills to establish a good rapport with both students and their parents. I have confidence in my ability to plan and carry out enjoyable, effective and computer-based lessons, as well as in my ability of acting appropriately throughout different contexts that I might be asked to perform on. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and my ideas with the world of education so as to help people in achieving their dreams after becoming fluent in one of the most powerful languages in the world, which is English.

Polyxeni (Xenia) Nikolaou

Polyxeni (Xenia) Nikolaou she studied Physical education and sports science at University of Democritus of Thrace with her interest and special studies in sports tourism and leisure. Xenia is always open to learn and do new things and she was also the responsible youth worker of ACPELIA NGO for the implementation of our sport’s local activities about the festivities in Sports Festival that was organised from ACPELIA and Survivor competition with title: Hard to Survive in Pissouri ( Also, Xenia worked as support staff in few Erasmus programs of NGO ACPELIA, and she is fun of Non-Formal Educational Activities and inclusiveness is her modo. She constantly takes a responsibility and implements them like a loyal survivor for children up to and including a restaurant. Now she works in a day-care centre and, she is a personal trainer on individuals for their physical well-being. She also coordinates an EVS program with a team of volunteers in Pissouri,  


Marinos Eleftheriou

Marinos acquired a job in Military Services after the completion of his studies in Environmental Science and Technology. He has visited several countries trying to learn about other cultures and traditions. He is an active listener who tries to give valuable advices. His hobby is running, he participated in several 5km and 10km races in Cyprus and aboard.

Panayiota (Nayia) Antoniou

Nayia Antoniou treasures humor, deep meaningful conversations and synchronicities. Strongly flirts with the 'fact' that each person is Unique and just by being who they were meant to be is a Gift to the whole World. "What if you had permission to be who you were truly born to be" she would ask softly and perhaps provoking? Her intention is to host gatherings that can hold space for all or most of our human parts to be re-membered. Mostly the ones that maybe our western civilization hasn't really fed, for example feeling, sensing and imagining. Appreciates the sweet erotic balance of darkness and light and how one needs the other for our human roots to be strong and blossom to share their seeds in this short amount of time we were given in this round Earth planet flowing in the middle of nowhere/everywhere. She has trained to be a facilitator at "Kokkini Klosti" in Athens, Greece among others and has attended numerous trainings and seminars on education in nature, positive psychology, ecocentric human development, shamanism, experiential education and expression through various art forms. So far she has had the opportunity to host family workshops, adult self-development workshops and women's circles during the last 5 years. She believes in paradoxes & variety, thus works as a group facilitator and a lawyer.

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