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Stakeholders which are cooperating with NGO ACPELIA 


In this page we are having all stakeholders that are working and cooperating with us. Almost in all of our projects we are doing different agreements either with companies or with persons and we are cooperating with them from the beggining of the project till the ending of the project. We have also a lot of volunteers which we are cooperating and freelancers where according to each project we are cooperating with them.  


Nikolas Nikolaou

Nikolas has the general coordination in almost all the projects of our NGO and he cooperates with other stakeholders of creating safe environment in almost all of our projects. He organiseing writing of the applications, implementation, webpages, organisation and in general whatever is in need in a project with the team of stakeholders that is cooperating in each project. He is also expert trainer in Environmental themes, entrepreuneurship themes, social themes and also in gamification. Expert in teaching in formal, informal and non formal education. 


Evangelia Nikolaou
Evangelia Nikolaou works as a project writer, project manager, and facilitator. At a younger age, she participated in a wide range of projects and themes including “Save Our Environment Save Ourselves,” “Non-formal Environmental Education,” “Biodiversity of Rivers,” “Climate Changes as Fast as Fashion,” “Out of the Box,” “Act for Changes” or “Another Way.” As a Trainer and Project Manager for the NGO Acpelia, she worked on the following projects: 
•    DIGITAL EMPATHY, 2022-1-CY02-KA153-YOU-000051900,, October 2022
•    Re-Establish Diversity and Inclusion in Environmental Locations, REDIEL, 2022-1-CY02-KA153-YOU-000051901,, November 2022
•    Power of Improvisation, PIMPRO, 2022-1-CY02-KA153-YOU-000053886,, November 2022
•    Business in Digital Age, LAMBIDA, 2021-2-CY02-KA153-YOU-000038905,, March 2023-July 2023
She has also worked as assistant Project Manager in the following projects: 
•    Re-Connect with Nature protecting the Environment, 2021-1-CY02-KA153-YOU-000003570,, June 2022
•    Innovation through Thinking out of the Box -IN & Out, 2021-1-EL02-KA153-YOU-000004149,, April 2022 
•    Improvement of Mental Health after a Lock Down, 2021-2-EL02-KA153-YOU-000038430,, August 2022
•    Green Innovation and Circular Economy,, July-October 2022 
She has also been a trainer with NGO NOGORDIO in Portugal in January 2023 in the project  CLOSING THE GENDER GAP AND EMPOWERMENT OF ALL WOMEN THROUGH EDUCATION, and in the KA202VET project “DIGITAL MARKETING” in March 2023.
Beyond her involvement in the aforementioned trainings, she is managing and working as a youth worker in the KA220 Project “Young Crafts Woman Business Go Digital.”  


E.N.N. Eternal Perspectives LTD

E.N.N. Eternal Perspectives LTD is a multifunctional company that specializes in project and Events Management services. With a dedicated focus on personal and professional development, digital tools, and entrepreneurship, EP offers comprehensive management solutions to its clients.
As a trusted managing entity, EP partners with Acpelia organization to ensure seamless project execution and optimal reso
urce allocation. By leveraging their expertise, EP plays a crucial role in supporting the successful realization of Acpelia's projects.
In addition to project management services, EP hosts trainings and manages seminars, providing valuable opportunities for growth and learning. The company places a high value on education and personal and professional development, striving to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organizations alike.

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