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 We have brilliant people devoted to making a difference in our community.
        We take any open-minted ideas and turn them into action!

  • Our amazing team will always there to help you

  • Will do their best to provide you with an impressive experience 

There are 2 ways to get in touch with our team or to be a member of our NGO.

Mailing List and taking part in programs.

If you want just to take part in programs and to be able to come in our activities in Cyprus and other countries you need just to complete one of the forms below in Greek or in English language. With this way you will be part of our mailing list and you will have the right to make applications in our projects (all people has this right but in this case you will be notified each time with an email about our activities). 
To be in this team complete one of the following applications:    

Press Here (GR)
Press Here (EN)


Being a Member of our NGO 

If you want to be a member then you will need to complete membership application of our NGO that you can find it here (pdf files) explaining the reasons that you want to be member in our organisation. When you will download, complete and sign the application then you need to send it in the email of our NGO Your application will be checked from the Board of Directors, and when it will approved you will get an email so to pay initial registration, and from the moment that you will pay official registration then you will be officially member of our NGO. With this way you can take part in all nomimal procedure of our NGO, meetings of the members, elections and other activities for the members.  

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