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Active Cypriot Programs and European Learning Into Acceptance, ACPELIA was founded in 2019 in Limassol Cyprus. Actually, the part of the European Programs of Cultural Association NOSTOS Pissouriou transferred to a newly created organization, the ACPELIA, which will continue with the same OID and PIC number (Organisation is on rural area of Cyprus with members from all over Cyprus and other Rular areas, our organisation is in close cooperation with community councils of these rulars areas). All the members of Cultural Association are also members of NGO ACPELIA. The main aim of the Organizationis the rescue, preservation, and transmission of cultural heritage, sustainability of the environment, discrimination, social and environmental entrepreneurship, social inclusion, elimination of discrimination and racism and the grant to our members of the chance to involve in themes about Environment, Culture, Sports, Racism, Equality, Democracy and Discrimination. Cultural and Sports activities promote social inclusion, human rights and help in the limitation of the discrimination among the generations. In an effort to promote the above-mentioned important values, the association is organizing cultural, informative, educational and interactive activities for youth with the new European Programs department of the association. Those activities include dancing, theatre, educational activities with games and action, and other performances where young people are able to learn about humanity issues through Non-Formal Education.

Our organisation is volunteering organisation so we don’t have any paid staff but we worked all volunteering, when we have approved projects in themes that we work on them then independent contracts are done with the suitable youth workers, trainers and project managers so to be able to make all the activities from these contracts. We have more than 50 youth workers, learners and members of the group who are willing to work with our organisation and who are ready for being employed according to the needs of each plan.

We are taking part and working in a lot of Erasmus Plus Program in a lot of ways:

  1. As an  applicant organisation where we give the opportunity to all of our members to create plans and implement them in any space of work that we are dealing with. We want through this effort our members to be active citizens in Cyprus and Europe.

  2. As a partner organisation, where we have a lot of partners across all over Europe and we are taking part with the implementation of projects KA204, KA205 or KA347 according to the need of each plan. In this project if there is a need, which actually needed, we are trying to make independent contracts with our members so to give them an efford for working with these plans and to taking the necessary skills of organising and being in the future successful trainers or leaders.


  1. As co-beneficiary organisation. In these projects, the main reason that we are taking part apart from the fact that all this programs usually are KA105 (trainings and youth exchanges) which are dealing with the aims of our organisation, is that we want through these projects to give to our member the opportunity to see how other organisations are working in the frame of Non-Formal Education and to make them love this way of teaching in their own groups and life.

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