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Activity: KA153 YOU - Mobility of Youth Workers in Denmark for 2 Youth Workers, educators, teachers, ….. from our organisation and participants from Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Accomodation: Villa Gertrude B&B, located by the port in Kolding city center Participants will be allocated in double and triple rooms.

Dates of the Activity: 25.10 (arrival) – 2.11 (departure).2023 including travel days

Participants: 2 youth workers / educators/ teachers / ……. from 8 countries.

Total of 26 participants

What is the project about?

The “Europe Transformation Lab” will gather 26 participants from different European

Countries and Participants involved shall agree with the founding values of the

European Union on human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and

human rights.

Objectives of the project:

The goal of “Transformation Europe Lab” is to provide an overview on how to

build communities via community organising and non-violent direct actions


In the modern age with the migration crisis, climate crisis, post-pandemic

recovery, international war and extremism on the rise across Europe, we feel

the urge of equipping youth workers with skills of community development,

which they can transfer to youth.

Through the project we are aiming to

· promoting peace building by introducing past successful non-violent actions, that made real impact.

· providing participants with skills and tools necessary for transforming social and inter-group conflicts

· making participants aware of their role in civic society and promote activism and social responsibility.

· making participants able to spread the ideas and knowledge on community building and NVDA to young people all across Europe.


Kolding (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰʌle̝ŋ]) is a Danish seaport located at the head of Kolding Fjord in the Region of Southern Denmark. It is the seat of Kolding Municipality. It is a transportation, commercial, and manufacturing centre, and has numerous industrial companies, principally geared towards shipbuilding. The manufacturing of machinery and textiles and livestock export are other economically significant activities. For more info just check the LINK:

For more info just check the video presentation:

If you are interesting to be part of our groups to get involved please apply to the link:

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