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“Erasmus = eMpowering + partiCipation of youth in douple (E=MC2)”, YE in Cyprus/01.11-09.11.2024

Project Name: Erasmus = eMpowering + partiCipation of youth in douple (E=MC2)

Duration: From 1/02/2024 till 31/01/2025 (12 months)

Activity: Youth Exchange in Cyprus for 56 participants and 14 leaders + 2 stakeholders at Hylatio Tourist Village in Pissouri for be encourage them and empower young people to actively participate in society, fostering their connection to the European project.

Hosting Place (Venue): Hylatio Tourist Village, Pissouri, Limassol, Cyprus. In the venue we are going to have 3 meals and snacks coffee at breaks.

Activity dates: 01 to 09 of November 2024 (including travelling dates)

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program (For an application you must be member of our organization, if you want to apply for membership you can go for the application to the link:

6 teenagers (ages 16 to 20) and 2 leaders will be selected from our organisation.

Main Idea of the Project

48 youngsters (ages 16 – 25) from 8 organizations and 16 leaders will gather in a YE so to be encourage them and empower young people to actively participate in society, fostering their connection to the European project. 

Erasmus is dedicated to promoting non-formal learning mobility among young individuals through Youth Exchanges. The primary goal is to encourage and empower young people to actively participate in society, fostering their connection to the European project. Additionally, these exchanges aim to assist young individuals in acquiring and enhancing life skills and competences essential for both personal growth and their future professional endeavors.

The Project specific objectives are:

●       Revitalizing Emotional Awareness and Empathy

●       Fostering emotional intelligence and empathy development.

●       Equipping youth workers with the necessary skills and self-assurance to act as catalysts for positive change in their communities.

●       Promoting recognition and respect for the contributions of youth workers.

●       Offering comprehensive resources and training materials to support youth workers in their community.

●       Enhancing teamwork and fostering a spirit of cooperation among youth workers.

●       Ensuring inclusivity by actively involving individuals with fewer opportunities in Peace Actions (PAXs).

●       Enhancing all key competences and skills for youth workers within the Erasmus Plus program.

The project focuses on utilizing diverse non-formal educational methods to encourage innovative thinking and promote personal development. It encompasses areas such as self-improvement, personal development, coaching, time-management, psychology, combating social and cultural discrimination, and various other themes that contribute to personal growth. The objective is to disseminate these methods through NGOs, aiding young individuals in achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while enhancing their employability prospects.

Relevance of the Project for Erasmus+:

  1. Enhancing Key Competencies and Skills: The project aims to improve the essential competencies and skills of young people, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in various domains, including entrepreneurship, personal development, and social inclusion.

  2. Inclusion of Participants with Fewer Opportunities: The project prioritizes the involvement of individuals facing limited opportunities (PAXs). By providing equal access and support, it ensures inclusivity and empowers those who may face additional barriers.

  3. Promoting Participation and Active Citizenship: The project fosters active participation and encourages young individuals to become engaged citizens, particularly in the European labor market. By equipping them with vital skills and knowledge, it facilitates their integration into the workforce while promoting responsible citizenship.

  4. Increasing Learning Mobility: The project expands learning mobility opportunities for young people actively involved in youth work. It provides platforms for collaboration, exchange, and exposure to different cultures, fostering a broader perspective and enriching their personal and professional growth.

  5. Enhanced Cooperation: The project emphasizes collaborative efforts, encouraging cooperation among various stakeholders, including NGOs, youth workers, and young people themselves. This cooperative approach facilitates the sharing of best practices, resources, and experiences, ultimately strengthening the overall impact of the project.

Methods used: ice-breaking games, practical workshops, brainstorming and discussions, work in mixed groups, simulations and role plays, presentations, city challenge, reflection groups, creative morning, well-being sessions and a many more. The main aim is to focus on using Learning by doing methodology during the entire project duration.

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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