Connecter (Youth Exchange KA105)

Updated: Jun 30

Youth Exchange KA105: Connecter

When: 23 to 30 of August 2021 (including travelling days)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: young people, members of NGO ACPELIA

Applications will close at the end of June (30 of June)

5 young people (ages from 18 to 30) from our organization will take place to the program. Travelling food and accommodation all are payed from the program (For an application you must be member of our organization, if you want to apply for membership you can go for the application to the link:

In the Europe 2020 perspective, cooperation and co-creation are pillars of sustainable development, and bringing youth together to develop partnerships and joint projects is also a priority for the next generation of smart, sustainable, and inclusive youth. The EU Youth Strategy itself is focused on three core areas of action, around the three words: Engage Connect Empower.

The main aim of CONNECTer is to create space for youth interested in working in the Erasmus field, to know each other, and make partnerships for potential future Erasmus+ Mobility projects with a focus on local community / or its active engagement in green projects and climate action

If you want to be a candidate of our program please complete the application for and don't forget to complete the membership form if you are not a member of our organisation. Link for completing the application of interest:

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