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YOUGO: Creativity, Arts, and Culture

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Arts and Culture for the EU: The introduction to the Treaty on European Union (TEU) refers to “drawing inspiration from the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe”. It also specifies that one of the aims of the European Union is to “respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and […] ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced’ (Article 3 TEU)”. Furthermore, Article 6 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) recognises that the EU’s competencies in the field of culture are to “carry out actions to support, coordinate or supplement the actions of the Member States”.

The cultural aspect embedded in the aims of the European Union is inseparably linked to creativity and arts. In our organization, creativity and culture are at the forefront. We try through our projects to constantly upskill our members in order to not only internationalize our perspective but also maintain our traditions and culture.

This is the reason that our Organization is involved in the YOU GO project. YOU GO is a cooperation partnership aimed at promoting the upskilling in digital entrepreneurship of young women (18 to 30 years) with basic craft skills or already involved in creative business through the creation of an innovative cross-sectoral educational format comprising digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills and the establishment of a dedicated e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products. Within the framework of potential efforts and strategies to boost employment and job creation for young people, entrepreneurship is increasingly accepted as an important means and a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve the livelihoods and economic independence of young people.

Digital entrepreneurship is directly linked to culture, arts, and creativity. This is because, in the 21st century, the best promotion of arts and creativity can be done through digital tools within the scope of digital entrepreneurship. This is the reason that it is quite important to integrate digital entrepreneurship as a broad tool into our routine. The upskilling of digital tools is important not only for the continuation of personal and professional development but also for the personal fulfilment of the individual when it comes to creativity and arts.

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