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YOUGO/ Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity in Spain (Malaga)/ 22-29 of May

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Project Name: KA220YOU YOU GO (Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital)

Activity: Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity of 16 participants in Spain

Target Group: 3 Young Crafts Women from 18 to 30 years old from Cyprus

Dates: 22nd to 29th of May (Arrival date: 22nd/ Departure Date: 29th)

Total of 16 participants

Website of the Project:

The project is a cooperation partnership aimed at promoting the up-skilling in digital entrepreneurship of young women with basic craft skills or already involved in creative business through the creation of an innovative cross-sectoral educational format comprising digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills and the establishment of a dedicated e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products.

The Training will be based on the online lessons developed from the needs identified through the cross-country quantitative research, which included interviews and focus groups with Craftswomen. As such, the Training will include 4 components:

- Entrepreneurship (including Business Management, Business Canvas Model, and Digital Entrepreneurship)

- E-Commerce skills (including Selling and Pricing correctly)

- E-Marketing skills (including Customer Behaviour and green Packaging and effective Delivery)

- Sustainable Finance and Sponsorship

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