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“Soul on canvas”, YE in Cyprus/24.10-01.11.2024

Project Name: “Soul on canvas”

Agreement No: 2023-3-CY02-KA152-YOU-000174378

Duration: From 01/02/2023 – 31/01/2025 (12 months)

Activity: Youth Exchange at Hylatio Tourist Village,, Cyprus for 48 youngsters and 12 leaders (8 youngsters and 2 leaders from each organization, 6 organisations) and 2 facilitators in activities with Non Formal Educational for Inclusion. To promote a culture of peace and healthy living among young people through cross-cultural exchange and experiential learning.

Total number of participants: 48 (18 with fewer opportunities)

Age for participants:  16 – 22 years old (no age limit for leaders just 18+)

Activity dates: 24 of October till 1st of November 2024, 9 days (including travelling dates)

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program

8 teenagers (ages 16 to 20) and 2 leaders will be selected from our organisation.

Main Idea of the Project

56 young people from 7 organizations will gather in a YE in Cyprus to explore the topic of art therapy and its importance for mental health and wellbeing, to get familiar with different tools and methods on the topic, while learning from experienced trainers and from each other, testing diverse methods and dive deeper in specific topics, sharing experiences as well as creating final products that will be presented among local communities, creating digital content to be promoted online, so that it can reach more young people and spread the awareness on the topic.

Unfortunately, many young adults struggle with a range of challenges, such as bereavement, family breakdown, anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, behavioral or social problems, or difficulties relating to abuse, neglect or trauma. Since they are not able to cope properly with their feelings and emotions, this leads to poor mental health and overall worsened well-being. In many cases, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are developed. That is why it is important to raise awareness about this issue and break the social taboo about mental health. Therefore, this youth exchange will allow educators and facilitators to get familiar with different tools and methods to work on the topic and bring closer this project to the target group of adolescents and young adults. This project is also tightly linked with the priority of the Erasmus+ program related to Inclusion and Diversity, since its target participants are youngsters facing different social barriers.

Art therapy supports young people with developmental, emotional, and behavioral problems by providing a safe and creative space in which they can begin to explore their worries, concerns and feelings. This way they can make sense of their thoughts and emotions, develop greater self-awareness, cope with stress and boost self-esteem, which results in satisfied individuals with shaped personalities, which leads to a more inclusive and accepting society in general.

The Project specific objectives are:

  • Help young people coming from challenging backgrounds, which are facing social barriers, develop practices of nurturing their mental wellbeing.

  • Help participants understand the importance of mental health and the benefits of using art therapy for self-exploration and improvement of self-expression

  • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence among young participants – by creating art and seeing their creative work appreciated, participants will develop a positive self-image

  • Enhanced communication skills, by improving their ability to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others

  • Introduce the participants with different artistic methods that individuals can use to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and experiences without relying solely on words, especially useful for individuals who find it hard to express their emotions.

  • Engage the participants in creative activities which will allow them to explore their imagination, experiment with different materials and techniques, and tap into their inner creativity. This process can help promote self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Introduce the participants with the benefits of art therapy and the healing properties of nature which can offer a holistic approach to well-being, addressing both mental and emotional needs

  • Promote teamwork, since all the activities can be conducted in group settings, encouraging participants to share their artwork and experiences. This group dynamic can promote a sense of community, empathy, and understanding.

  • Promoting tolerance and diversity through sharing and accepting values of different cultures between participants

  • Sharing the European values and promoting the Erasmus+ program

  • Creating a digital handbook that can be further useful to partner organizations in their daily work with young people

  • Actively breaking the social taboo related to mental health and promote its importance, through exhibitions of the results created during the YE in local communities

Project activities will involve:

  • Beach Mandalas and Land Art: Participants will create mandalas and land art designs using natural materials found on the beach, such as shells, pebbles, and seaweed. This activity encourages mindfulness and emphasizes the impermanence of art.

  • Seashell Jewelry Making:  Creation of jewelry using seashells, beads, and other beach-inspired materials. Participants can design necklaces, bracelets, which can be part of the project’s results exhibition.

  • Nature Printing: Introduce participants to the art of nature printing by using leaves, flowers, and seaweed to make prints on paper or fabric. This workshop combines creativity with the beauty of the natural world.

  • Sand Sculpture Workshop: Help participants explore the art of sand sculpting by teaching them techniques to create intricate sculptures using only sand and water. This can be a collaborative and fun activity.

  • Beach Collage and Assemblage: Provide participants with a variety of beach-found objects like driftwood, shells, and sea glass, along with other craft materials, to create unique collages or assemblage art pieces.

  • Sunrise or Sunset Photography: A photography workshop focused on capturing the beauty of the beach during sunrise or sunset. Teaching participants about lighting, composition, and how to tell a visual story.

  • Writing poetry and journals


Methods used: based on experimental learning, in combination with practical theory and information. Learning by doing method.


Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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