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“Social Inclusion of Marginalized Youth Through Non-Form", YE in Germany (Berlin)/20 -29 of July 23

Project Name: Youth Exchange “Social Inclusion of Marginalized Youth Through Non-Formal Learning”

Activity: Youth Exchange in Germany. The Social Inclusion of Marginalized Youth Through Non-Formal Learning project will involve 42 participants from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and Cyprus in Berlin, Germany from 20 – 29 July 2023.

Youth Exchange: 20 – 29 July 2023 (including travelling days)

Accommodation: A&O BERLIN MITTE (Köpenicker Str. 127-129), Berlin, Germany

Food: The venue of the training will serve the participants with 3- times-a-day meals and snacks and beverages for the coffee breaks.

Participants: 5+1 participants from 7 countries.

Total of 42 participants

5 youngsters and one leader will be selected from our organisation. The profile of the participants is youth 18-30 years old who are active in the field of sports, semi-professional or professional athletes as well as participants with fewer opportunities who are facing social, economical, cultural and geographical challenges.

Brief Description of the Project

The youth exchange will enable 42 participants from 7 non-governmental organizations through various forms of non- formal learning to improve their competencies and organizational capacities in the field of SOCIAL INCLUSION and support of the marginalized.

With the implementation of the project, new solutions will be produced for raising public awareness and greater support for participants with fewer opportunities. The youth exchange will be used as a mechanism for promotion of participants with fewer opportunities who will have the opportunity to promote themselves in front of an international environment. Through youth exchange, videos will be created by the national teams that will share their impressions from the activities and will share their experiences from this youth exchange. One of the aims of youth exchange is to promote a video that will raise public awareness across Europe and promote non-formal learning as a mechanism for social support of the marginalized in the process of social affirmation.

This project will be implemented to be the basis for future cooperation between all partner organizations working with marginalized youth. This The youth exchange will enable the promotion of non-formal learning as a strong mechanism for supporting the marginalized and their social inclusion in the open society. The project is conceived in order to acquaint decision makers with the ideas of the NGO sector and the problems faced by the marginalized in the process of social affirmation.


Age limit of participants and profile:

Participants with age limit between 18-30 from each participating partner. Preferably, newcomers to Erasmus+. National leaders can be 30+

Selection criteria:

• Mix of existing and experienced participants but also participants who are new or newish to the topic but interested in SOCIAL INCLUSION.

• Participants who are the target of discrimination, racism, hate speech and did not have equal rights in the social society

• National leaders with experience in the field of Erasmus + program, knowledge of the topic and solid managerial skills

• Participants active in the process of volunteering in organizations with experience in non-formal learning.

• Demonstration of social sensibilities (socially active students/volunteers with a role in local communities and interested in the topic of the project).

• Ready to actively participate in the whole project (preparation and follow-up).

• Ready to share personal intercultural stereotypes and experiences and analyse them from different perspectives.

Regarding gender balance, we shall take care that the proportion of females and males participating is close to 50%/50%.

Goals of the Project

• Improving the competencies, skills and knowledge of young participants in the field of social inclusion to promote equal opportunities,

• Increasing the perspectives for the concept of social inclusion to support participants with fewer opportunities as a tool for solving the problems of these target categories,

• Research and definition of creative tools and methodologies for maintaining social dialogue, cooperation to establish a culture of diversity and acceptance of diversity to promote tools for combating discrimination,

• Promotion of non-formal learning as a tool to support the marginalized in the process of their social promotion before society,

• Research and definition of tools for combating discrimination against young, marginalized categories,

• Promotion of the Erasmus + program, the Youth pass certificate as a tool for monitoring the learning process, documentation of knowledge and acquired skills in the process of non-formal learning.


Venue: A&O BERLIN MITTE (Köpenicker Str. 127-129, 10179 Berlin)

• Participants will share gender-separate 6-bed rooms.

• During the project (20 – 29 July, 2023), the participants will be offered (free of charge) accommodation for 9 nights, 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks a day.

• The venue provides bedsheets and free WIFI. Please note that you will need to bring towels with you.

Participants can get inside the hostel and make their check-in starting from 15:00 on 20th of July, 2023. Check out at 10:00 on 29th of July.

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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