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PDA kreARTivity 27.11.2021. – 4.12.2021., Osijek, Croatia

In General

KreARTivity was a unique project that provided an opportunity for youth workers that work with young people, in an informal environment, to explore the power of arts - through art (color, form, technique), drama (acting) and using their body and their own expression through movement.

All for the purpose of introducing innovative elements into their own work and empowering

young people of different profiles with whom they work. The activities are adapted to work with young people in physical contact or virtually.

Given the complexity of the problems young people are currently facing, they need to

approach them in a holistic manner and offer activities and tools that encompass a whole

“range” of different segments of their possible expressions and to find for each

problem the most appropriate “way out” or sense of relief.

Participants review

Erasmus+ provided to our participants with the opportunity to participate in a Youth exchange in Osiek, Croatia for seven days. The project was about to provide an opportunity for young workers that work with young people, to explore the power of art - through art (color, form, technique), drama (acting) and using their body and their expression through movement.

Working on this project has been an advantage in various ways, specifically in that it has improved my communication skills, getting to learn about a new culture and broadened my personal experiences. Additionally, my experience working on this great project helped me to Develop motivation through personal deep positive experience.

The picture above shows the task we did in the Art Therapy group. Masks are an excellent technique to have in your art therapy tool bag, especially for groups. This project encourages self-reflection, expression, and it will sometimes allow you to start difficult conversations. The teacher asked us to use the front of the mask to depict how they believe others see them through the use of drawings, symbols, and words. On the back of the mask, ask them to depict how they see themselves, especially in ways that differ from the front of the mask. Or, get creative with this step and come up with some new ways to use the masks.

Participating in the Erasmus+ programme, was a life-changing experience through which I made valuable friends, networked with international people, and gained a more rounded perspective in the field of the therapist. By closing this briefing, I wish the express my gratitude towards the Erasmus+ programme and ACPELIA that provided funding for my accommodation, training and travelling, as well as to enjoy the perks of a magnificent destination.

Consequently, these programs will open the horizon for youngsters of this region allowing them to create a network and be more competitive in the job market! Additionally, the Erasmus+ program provides people with a very dynamic experience, filled with many beautiful moments, and emotions, like those that now remind me of Osijek. Sve je bilo odlično! – Everything was great!

Follow UP

After the project we had the follow up session. That session after the kreartivity were held, using all 3 fileds of art therapy, 10 workshops from January and that it has created positive impact on the NGO since you continued in that direction creating several trainings with this thematic. we used similar and the same methods in a lot of our projects as you can see in the following photos with some participation of a lot of people. Through this project we created also new projects about this

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