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PDA, "Facilitate Growth!", HUNGARY, 28/04 - 06/05/2024

Updated: Apr 4

Project Name KA153YOU: PDA "Facilitate Growth!"

Activity: PDA in Hungary.  The "Facilitate Growth!"  project will involve 27 participants from Hungary, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, North Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Croatia, from 28 April 28 TILL 6 May, 2024.

PDA: 28 April 28 TILL 6 May, 2024. (including travelling days)

Venue: Riva Hotel, Szeged, Hungary 

Food: The venue of the training will serve the participants with 3- times-a-day meals and snacks and beverages for the coffee breaks.

3 participants will be selected from our organisation. Participants will be youth workers, educators, facilitators, trainers, teachers, people who is working or willing to work with youngsters. No age limit just above 18.  



·       currently involved in working with young people (in any format) or express serious commitment to get involved in the future.

·       wish to develop professionally and personally.

·       over 18 years old.

·       able to communicate in English.

·       willing to be an active participant for the entire duration of the course.

·       willing to travel by bus/train to the training course.

·       motivated, open-minded, and willing to share and reflect on their experiences.

·       ready to organize a follow-up activity using the experience from this project.

Brief Description of the Project

Recognizing the crucial role of facilitators in ensuring the success of non-formal activites (fostering learner-centered and process-based learning experiences), ”Facilitate Growth!” aims to empower participants with essential skills in organizing and communication abilities, problem-solving, effective use of visualization and ICT tools, active listening, giving constructive feedback, and fostering intercultural environments.

During the training course we will combine theory and practical exercises, allowing participants to hone their facilitation skills through activities like public speaking and the use of various tools for team building and conflict resolution.


The training will take place in Szeged. The city is located in the Southern Great-Plains region in Hungary, it takes 2 hours by train to get to from Budapest airport. The accommodation for the participants will be in gender-based rooms with 3 separate beds and bathrooms, located in the city center at Riva Hotel.

The training venue where most of the activities will take place will be at a comfortable

walking distance from the hotel. Further help on how to reach the venue will be sent to

selected applicants.

Your accommodation and food during the training course are covered by the Erasmus+ programme and therefore free for you, as long as you participate in the daily program of the training course.

If you are interesting to be part of our groups to get involved please apply to the link:

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