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Inclusion of disabled people through basketball, IncDisBas

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Erasmus+ KA210SPORTS

More information in the page of the project:

we want 3 youthworkers (sports workers) to work with us and to attend a training course in Komotini, Greece in summer 2022 and to work in local activities with our organisation so to implement a series from activities for inclusion of disable people through basketball.

The vision of this project is to build the bridge and provide the opportunity for disabled people to better integrate into the community through wheelchair basketball, in an effort to increase the inclusion of disabled in sports, which is one of the main objectives of ERASMUS+ SPORTS projects, aiming to promote equal opportunities and to face discrimination. As part of the activities of the partner organisations for the promotion and equality of people, the promotion of non-formal education, the integration of young people into society, the reduction and elimination of social exclusion, marginalization, social discrimination, racism and inequalities that exist today in the European society, and mainly, in order to increase and enhance social inclusion and autonomy of Europeans, our

Organisation decided to apply for the Erasmus+ Sport (small scale partnership) the project "Inclusion of disabled people through basketball" which focuses on the inclusion of disabled people in sports and especially those who play basketball in wheelchairs.

The overall objectives for the project are as follows:

  1. Introduce the knowledge of wheelchair basketball.

  2. Increase the participation of people with disabilities in wheelchair basketball.

  3. Improve participants' health and well-being.

  4. The players become role models and inspire other interested people to take up sports.

  5. Engage and educate more people in the partners' countries in wheelchair basketball,

  6. Increase the amount of wheelchair basketball teams in each participating country in the project and in all the MSs through dissemination,

  7. Promote inc

lusion through getting involved in different ways in wheelchair basketball.

  1. Exchange good practises in wheelchair basketball.

  2. Promote international cooperation networks through wheelchair basketball, as a tool for enhancement of values and citizenship of the people, and strengthen the feeling of positive EU identity.

  • The direct beneficiaries will be the 20 young people who will participate in the training, who will carry what they learned in the project in future activities, helping to the long term learning process of other people.

  • The indirect beneficiaries are people who are interested in wheelchair basketball, and other organisations who want to make similar initiatives, the friends and families of the participants in the training, people who follow the organisations involved in the project on social media, the local partners.

If you are interesting to be part of our groups to get involved please apply to the link:

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