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Inclusion in Pissouri Village

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

European Solidarity Corps project 2022-1-CY02-ESC30-SOL-000051953

More information in the page of the project:

Through this action we want to involve young people and children belonging to vulnerable families (single parents, poor families, any health problems, who have been bullied due to a different situation they are experiencing, due to low self-esteem, other people with reduced opportunities) who have low self-esteem with young people who are cut off from the social environment of our Community (foreigners, refugees, ethnic minorities and generally people who came for a better life in Pissouri and the situation did not help them to get involved enough in our Community) in mixed groups to work together and to develop through their own involvement their self-esteem but also their self-improvement in many skills that they will acquire during the 12-month program of activities that we will develop. The involvement of the participants in these different groups of people with reduced opportunities of these different groups with the diversity that characterizes each and their involvement in actions within the community of Pissouri, will help them develop skills and engage in the commons of our community. something that will help in their integration into the Social set. So the most basic goal of our actions is to integrate people with reduced opportunities in our Community to integrate and develop social skills and self-esteem through the development of many other educational skills from the actions that will be developed.

In addition, through the project, the residents of the community of Pissouri as well as the surrounding communities will be made aware of issues:

- Solidarity and mutual assistance between residents

- Voluntary offer to vulnerable groups

- Interaction of the new generation with the older generations

- Interaction with people of other nationalities and origins

- Acceptance of diversity.

If you are interesting to be part of our groups to get involved please apply to the link:

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