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“HUBLAB", YE in Romania (Iasi)/13 to 25 of September 2024

Project Name KA152YOU: YE "HUBLAB "

Activity: YE in ROMANIA.  The "HUBLAB"  project will involve 48 participants (AND 12 LEADERS) from Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland, from 13 to 25 of September, 2024.

Activity dates: 13 to 25 of September, 2024 (including travelling days)

Accommodation:  Iasi, Romania

Venue: Tabara Muncel, Iasi, Romania  

Food: The venue of the training will serve the participants with 3- times-a-day meals and snacks and beverages for the coffee breaks.

Participants: 8+2 participants from 6 countries.

Total of 60 participants

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program

8 youths 16- to 24 years old and 2 leaders +over 18 years old  will be selected from our organisation. Participants will be students / youngsters and leaders youth workers, educators, facilitators, trainers, teachers, people who is working or willing to work with youngsters.



·       Between 16 and 24 years old

·       interested in Entrepreneurship

·       Know about the project topic

·       Medium English level

·       Wants to start a enterprise in future

Profile of Leaders

·       Over 18, we recommend over 30

·       Advanced English level

·       Knows Conflict management methods

·       Is Working with young people

·       have experience in Erasmus+ projects (participated in the leadership role for at least 2 projects)

Brief Description of the Project

We aim to address the high youth unemployment rate in the partner countries by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among young individuals aged 16-24.

As a solution, we will involve youths in an 11-day program, and participants will undergo

an entrepreneurial transformation. Starting with research and information exchange, they will transition to hands-on creation and innovation phases, mimicking the structure of a business incubator. This immersive experience aims not only to impart skills but also to provide a practical playground for young minds to innovate and bring ideas to life.

THE VENUE: Tabara Muncel, Iasi, Romania  


- nature activities

- outdoor activities

- Personal Development activities

- Non-formal education

- entrepreuneurship activities

- Erasmus +

- ecology

Date of arrival: 13 September 2024 (1st half of the day)

Date of departure: 25 September 2024 (2nd half of the day)

Location: Iasi, Romania (or surroundings) 8 Participants + 2 Leader

The activities are related with innovation phases, mimicking the structure of a business incubator.

Relevance of the project for Erasmus + :

• -Improving the key competencies and skills of young people;

• -Including PAXs with fewer opportunities;

• -Promote participation and active citizenship in European labor market;

• -Increasing learning mobility opportunities for young people active in youth work;

• -Enhanced cooperation

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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