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DOUBLE PDA, “SUCOMINNO”, POLAND, 5/08 - 12/08/2024 CYPRUS/25/11 - 5/12/2024

Updated: Jan 30

Project Name: KA153YOU: Sustainable Communities and ECO-Innovation (SUCOMINNO).

Activity: Training at Poland and Cyprus of 40 youth workers / educators / policy decision makers in Municipalities / Communities / environmentalist in Green Innovation with Non-Formal Educational Activities, creating green projects or companies and spreading green ideas to all organisation and Municipalities/Communities during the mean time between the 2 trainings. Green projects will be worked according to the timetable of program in the meantime between the trainings and will be represented to the second training according to the schedule. The participants will work as multipliers in their communities for the ideas that will come from other communities and the implementation of non-formal methods about waste management and green social INNOVATION. 

1st Training: Klodzko, Poland, 5 till 12 of August 2024 (8 days training, including travelling days)

Accommodation: Bolko Osrodek Turystyczny, Area of Klodzko, Poland,

Hosting Organisation: Stowarzyszenie "OPEN SOUL" (Poland).

2nd Training: Cyprus, 27 of November till 5 of December 2024 (9 days training, including travelling days)

Accommodation: Hylatio Tourist Village, Pissouri, Limassol, Cyprus, 

Participants: 8 youth workers / educators/ teachers / ……. from 5 countries.

Total of 40 participants (5 NGO, 5 Municipalities, 4 participants each organisation)

What is the project about?

SUCOMINNO is a project which will bring together 45 youth workers (10 organizations/municipalities/communities from 4 youth workers/educators each organization in each training and 4 trainers/stakeholders) to enhance mainly their entrepreneurship skills and environmental awareness. It is a fact that youth unemployment in Europe is high, limiting the opportunities young people must develop themselves and their competences. Moreover, Environmental downgrading is something concerning European Union and other countries. Also, as we can see in all over Europe discrimination, refugees that are coming from everywhere in Europe, racism between them religion and national discrimination, all these are coming to people through the discrimination also of the environment so all these we will try to make them common for all European young people. Main aim of SUCOMINNO is to contribute to the development and evolvement of young people from Europe while diminishing the environmental impact of human activities by enhancing the Green Entrepreneurship among young people/youth workers /educators/ policymakers/ environmentalist/ activists/ teachers and facing the problem of the discrimination also between people and people with environment.

Objectives of the project:

·       Promotion of Green Innovation among young people/youth workers /educators/ policymakers/ environmentalist/ activists/ teachers

·       Enhance the sense of initiative, responsibility, and entrepreneurship!

·       Reduce youth unemployment, increase of youth participation in the labor market.

·       Promote Non-Formal Educational methods for Green Innovation projects or companies among the partners organisations.

·       Increase European Dimension between youth workers and partners organisations.

·       Raise awareness about environmental pollution.

·       Promote international collaboration.

·       Work through discrimination of environment so to be able to reduce discrimination on people

Description of Main Activities

Online APV meeting and Initial Training of the organisations

Actually in the whole project there will be 3 main activities, the first activity it will be an online APV meeting and training where all the partners will discuss about the whole project and all thinks that maybe there are from this first meeting and our online meetings (we will have every month an online meeting with all our partners so to solve any problems that are coming as the project is going) and also in this meeting we will sign agreements with organizations that participants will be the same in both trainings  and also our partners will sign an agreement with their members so all participants to be the same in both trainings. 

A1 Activity: Training in Poland and Cyprus 5 to 12 of August 2024

First training in Poland will enforce them and make them to understand that they have the power to continue with there ideas and then second TC will be there as something to say to them that they have to move to go on with their ideas so some of the ideas to become green projects or future business and some of them to get real in life in the future.

Hosting venue of the A1 PDA: Bolko Osrodek Turystyczny, Area of Klodzko, Poland,

I cordially invite you to the "Bolko" Tourist Center located in the Kłodzko Valley at the foot of the Śnieżnik Massif in the picturesque town of Bolesławów, 3 km from Stronie Śląskie, less than 7 km from Czarna Góra.

We have 90 beds at our guests' disposal, including single rooms and studios for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people with bathrooms, LED TV, cordless kettle and free Internet access. The facility has two rooms, one for 100 people, the other for 50 people, billiards and a tennis table. The facility has a large fenced area with a fireplace, a playground for children, a volleyball court, a soccer field and a basketball hoop. Directly from the green area of ​​the resort, you can descend stairs to a brisk mountain stream. You can safely park your car or coach on the premises. Please view the photo gallery and read the detailed description.

Time between the trainings: Between August and November 2024

Following, 4 months of work and international collaboration will take place with the participants turning their idea of a green company or project into action. Continuing the second training will take place in Cyprus. During the two Trainings knowledge, skills and abilities of the participants will be improved through methods of non-formal education. After each Training an evaluation will be held from the participants as well as one after the end of the project both from participants and partners.


A2 Activity: Training in Cyprus

The coordinating organisation will also evaluate the project based on the aims, objectives and other indicators set from the implementation of the project is expected to significantly improve the entrepreneurship and employability skills of at least 40 young people/youth workers /educators/ policymakers/ environmentalist/ activists/ teachers from the organisations/ municipalities / communities. Furthermore 10 green companies or projects (4 young people/youth workers /educators/ policymakers/ environmentalist/ activists/ teachers from the organisations/ municipalities / communities in each company/project from different organisations so to share their ideas among their organisations) will be created from the participants limiting the environmental pollution and increasing the environmental awareness of the public. Another result of the project would be the information of thousands of European citizens about the impact of human activities in the environment. The sustainability of the project will be safeguarded through the updating of the webpage and social media with news about entrepreneurship and environment as well as about the progress of the 10 green companies or projects the participants will create.

Hosting Venue of A2 PDA: Hylatio Tourist Village

In the venue we are going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 brakes among the activities (soft drinks, coffee and snacks).

Environmental Awareness (we will keep environmentally sustainable methods according to hotel policy in our YE)

At Hylatio Tourist Village we respect the environment in which we live and that is why we strive to have an environmental policy so that we can live in harmony with the environment that surrounds us. Climate change is not an individual matter for us at Hylatio Tourist Village but it is collective and for which we have integrated sustainable environmental actions in our family business with the following actions:

  • We have recycled point in all places of our village.

  • We do not use at all plastic (either glasses, or straws, or plates or anything else), instead of that we are using straws which can be absorbed from the environment easily and, we are working to always convince our clients to use reusable cans for their drinkable water and not to buy plastic bottles of water.

  • We wash by ourselves the linens that we use in the hotel, and do not give them for cleaning outside in cleaning places where there is waste of water. We use dry cleaning for all our linens.

  • We start changing all our air conditioner units with new units marked as A++ in energy saving.

  • Water in our place is boiling through the sun and solar panels.

  • Most of the lights in the parking area are working with photovoltaic systems.

  • In our place we clean gray water with our biological station, and we reuse it of the watering of our beautiful gardens.

  • In our place we are working also with cooperation of our Community Council for all the area to be able to recycle, so a point of recycling for all the area its on our own property.

  • We use desalination and reverse osmosis for our water so to be drinkable and without smells, so our clients to have drinkable water and not using the plastic bottles of water.

  • What else we are recycling in our place? We recycle all of our cooking oils so not to goes on wastes and making problems to our waste management company. Recycling of oils is done with a licensed administrator after internal agreement. Recycled oils are raw material to produce biodiesel.  

We are in harmony with our environment because environment is our family and our tourist village is family company!

Circular Economy and ECO Innovation

 Managing the life cycle of natural resources, from extraction through the design and manufacture of products, to what is considered as waste is essential to green growth and part of developing a resource-efficient, circular economy where nothing is wasted. Smarter design allowing products to be repaired, re-used, remanufactured and then recycled again should become the norm.

It's good for business, citizens and nature. The European Commission promotes resource efficiency, encourages eco-innovation, provides tools that can help you recognize green products and supports eco-friendly, innovative businesses.

A greener economy means new growth and job opportunities. Eco-design, eco-innovation, waste prevention and the reuse of raw materials can bring net savings for EU businesses of up to EUR 600 billion. Additional measures to increase resource productivity by 30 % by 2030 could boost GDP by nearly 1 %, while creating 2 million additional jobs. It also benefits the environment and reduces Europe's greenhouse gas emissions.

The Europe 2020 Strategy is the Commission's strategy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. The Commission actively supports businesses, administrations and consumers so that together, we can turn the Union into a resource-efficient, green, and competitive low-carbon economy. This is one of the three objectives of the 7th Environment Action Programme. To get growing again and create new jobs, while contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals, Europe cannot afford to waste this opportunity.

The Circular Economy package can help us achieve green growth for Europe. Find out more about the many benefits of a circular economy and the measures the EU is taking to develop it.

If you are interesting to be part of our groups to get involved please apply to the link:

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