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“Digital Youth Work", PDA Bulgaria (Golden Sands, Varna)/20 to 26 of April 2023

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Project Name: Digital Youth Work

Activity: Professional Development activity in Bulgaria for 2 youth workers of our organisation and participants from Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Accomodation: Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

Venue: Holiday Park Hotel, Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria,

Dates of the Activity: 20 – 26 of April 2023 including travel days

Participants: 2 youth workers, trainers, teachers, educators from our organization

Total of 18 participants

Main theme of the Project

The main theme of the project is related to the youth work with digital tools and methods.

The aim of the project is to develop and/or improve the competences of youth workers/youth leaders in digital youth work.

The other aims of the project are:

- Understanding of the concept of the digital youth work.

-Share knowledge, skills, competences, and experience in digital youth work.

- Discuss innovative tools that can be applied in daily youth work.

- Sharing good practices.

- Boosting the skills and competences of the youth workers for using digital technologies.

- Online activism, online communication for reaching out more young people, even from marginalized communities.

- Learning new methods in the Digital youth work.

- Youthpass preparation etc.

- Creating network between the organizations etc.

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program

Some of the topics in the programme are:

• Get to know each other.

• Presenting of the Sending organizations.

• The concept of the Digital youth work.

• Digital Youth worker competences

• Digital instruments for reaching young people – Digital inclusion.

• Digital methods for youth work.

• Digital tools in youth work.

• Digital youth work in practice.

• Reaching the young people with fewer opportunities.

• Good practices in digital youth work.

• Youthpass.

• Intercultural evening etc.


We are looking for participants with the following profile:

· wish to develop professionally and personally;

· over 18,

· willing to be an active participant for the entire duration of the course;

· motivated, open-minded, willing to cooperate and share from experience;

· possession of knowledge, experience and tools from previous work or projects about media literacy with youth.

· open for reflect on their experiences in youth work related to the topic;

· desire to explore new ideas and promote media literacy among youth;

· motivation and capacity to disseminate the project result.

· speak (or open to try to speak) in English.

· youth workers, trainers, teachers, educators


The accommodation for the participants will be in gender based rooms with 2-3-4

separated beds and bathrooms, located at a comfortable walking distance from the city

center. The meeting room where most of the activities will take place will be right in the

hotel. The hotel is situated on southwest part of Golden Sands, combines the beauty and tranquility of the ancient forest and the breath taking landscapes of the Black Sea. The hotel is located in a quiet part of Golden sands, surrounded by amazing greenery and at the same time is within walking distance to the center of resort and the endless beach. The beautiful Bulgarian city of Varna with many entertainment possibilities is only 18 km away

Relevance of the project for Erasmus + :

  • -Improving the key competencies and skills of young people;

  • -Including PAXs with fewer opportunities;

  • -Promote participation and active citizenship in European labor market;

  • -Increasing learning mobility opportunities for young people active in youth work;

  • -Enhanced cooperation

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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