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“Critical Media Consumption’’, PDA, Szeged, Hungary/13-21 of March 2023

Project Name: Critical Media Consumption

Activity: Professional Development activity in Hungary for 3 youth workers of our organisation and participants from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, North Macedonia, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, and Portugal.

Accomodation: Szeged, Hungary

Dates of the Activity: 13-21 March, 2023 including travel days

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program (For an application you must be member of our organization, if you want to apply for membership you can go for the application to the link:

2 Youthworkers /Teachers /Trainers will be selected from our organisation.

For the participants’ selection the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • wish to develop professionally and personally;

  • over 18,

  • willing to be an active participant for the entire duration of the course;

  • motivated, open-minded, willing to cooperate and share from experience;

  • possession of knowledge, experience and tools from previous work or projects about media literacy with youth.

  • open for reflect on their experiences in youth work related to the topic;

  • desire to explore new ideas and promote media literacy among youth;

  • motivation and capacity to disseminate the project result.

  • speak (or open to try to speak) in English.

Main Idea of the Project

All over Europe, young people are spending more and more time online, thus the

consumption of media is increasing accordingly. However, many people are proving to be

ill-equipped with skills to filter out and sort this growing intake of information, making a

promising opportunity ineffective, and sometimes even harmful. This is why there is an

ever so great need for competences allowing young people to navigate themselves around the wild waters of the Internet and media, recognise content of value, and distinguish fake news.

Even so, such media-literacy skills are generally not taught in public schools, that is why the aim of the project is to enable youth workers with tools to educate young people they work with to become more conscious users of the Internet and consumers of media. We strive to provide the participants with useful techniques – within the framework of non-formal education – to promote and enhance critical thinking, and to raise awareness of media-literacy.

Throughout the project, we will implement workshops, individual- and group exercises to

help youth workers gain experience themselves in the field of focus, thus enabling them

to improve the media-literacy and critical thinking skills of the youth.

The training will take place in Szeged, Hungary. The city is located in the Southern Great-Plains region in Hungary, it takes 2 hours by train to get to from the Airport of Budapest.


The accommodation for the participants will be in gender based rooms with 2-3-4 separated beds and bathrooms, located at a comfortable walking distance from the city centre. The meeting room where most of the activities will take place will be right in the hotel.

Relevance of the project for Erasmus + :

● Raising emotional awareness and empathy.

● Empowering young people with skills and confidence to become agents of change in their communities.

● Enabling young people to be valued and treated with respect.

● Enhanced teamwork and cooperation.

● Including PAXs with fewer opportunities.

● Improving all of Erasmus Plus key competences and skills for young people.

Application for Interest of Participation:

If you want to be a candidate of our program please complete the application form and don't forget to complete the membership form if you are not a member of our organisation. Link for completing the application of membership:

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