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“Building new KA2 project", PBA North Macedonia (Bitola)/21 to 27 of April 2023

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Project Name: Partnership Building Activity “Building new KA2 Projects”

Activity: Partnership Building Activity “Building new KA2 Projects” in North Macedonia for 2 project writing, trainers, project managers of our organisation and participants from Germany, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Morocco, Palestine, and Latvia

Accomodation: Bitola, North Macedonia

Dates of the Activity: 21 – 27 of April, 2023 including travel days

Participants: 2 project manager, trainers, teachers, project writing from our NGO

Total of 35 participants

Main Idea of the Project

Partnership Building is a way for your organization to expand its capacity and value across your expanding network of stakeholders. Work with Doran Strategic Consulting to engage your employees, clients, community and business network. Together we can cement new partnerships that bring mutual benefits.

Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program


We are looking for participants with the following profile:

· wish to develop professionally and personally;

· over 18,

· open for reflect on their experiences in youth work related to the topic;

· speak (or open to try to speak) in English.

· Project Managers, Trainers, Project writers

The training will take place in Bitola, North Macedonia. In the southwest part of Macedonia is the city of Bitola - administrative, cultural, economic, industrial, educational and scientific centre for that part of the country. The city is known as the "city of the consuls", because here the consular offices of the European countries were in the Ottoman Empire, where together with Thessaloniki it was the most important point in the European part of the Empire.

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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