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“Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship" TC in Malta | 23-30 April 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

PProject Name: TC “Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives for Marginalized Groups”

Activity: Training Course in Malta for 4 participants from our organisation.

Dates: 23 to 30 of April 2022 (Including travelling days)

Accommodation: Will be announced later, Malta island

Who Can Participate: Youth Workers, trainers, teachers, educators in the field of marginalized people?

Food: The organizer provides accommodation and food for the entire training course: 3 meals + 2 coffee breaks between sessions per day.

4 Youth workers and trainers (above 18 years old) from our organization will take place to the program. Travelling food and accommodation all are paid from the program (For an application you must be member of our organization, if you want to apply for membership you can go for the application to the link:

Reports of our Participants in the project (General)

It is critical to build the ability of youth workers to increase awareness and solve issues of the underprivileged in the job search process via the use of social entrepreneurship as a method.

The training course “Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives for Marginalized Groups” took place in Gozo Island in Malta from 23/04/2022 to 30/04/2022. The participating countries were Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Lithuania and Spain.

During the first day we discussed about the types of entrepreneurships and the primary features that separate social entrepreneurship from traditional entrepreneurship. In the following days we investigated effective methods and strategies for assisting the disadvantaged in their transition to the work market. The example of MigrAfrica was presented to as and guided our thoughts. We also explored the topics of emotional intelligence, membership, team building, and cooperation. These are the foundations of inclusion and should not be overlooked. Of course, we focused on all these issues through a variety of non-formal and creative activities and games, making it hard to become bored.

Aside from training, the group got the opportunity to explore Gozo and Malta mainland. The training was a fantastic experience for all of them, and everyone pitched in to make the most of it by exchanging ideas and experiences.

Letter from Participant

So, I personally had a lovely time as a participant in this Training Course, of course, as in all situations in this life, this course had also its prons and cons. I'll start by pointing out the cons and continue by pointing out the good part so that my feedback has a good after taste.

This Training Course was exactly what I needed at exactly the time I needed it, as I come from a marginalized group and at the same time I want to become an Entrepreneur supporting sustainability. For this exact reason my expectations were very high for this training. As you may already know, I reached the destination one day after the course was supposed to begin but I soon realized that this was not applicable as the TC hadn't begun yet.

3rd day kicks in and we are still on the very intro of the course, no target, no useful knowledge. Only on the 4th day and after I felt I was receiving useful material for the reason we were there.

I felt like we explored more about entrepreneurship,

I would expect more information on Sustainability and Marginalized groups. In terms of structure and agenda about the technical parts like food, transportation(from the place we were to other places they wanted us to go) it was a bit loose. Some people from the organization were although very good, friendly and they tried their best to help us, while some others were literally playing around. Now the good part is that I improved my European Networking, I met beautiful people with whom I still keep good relations, and of course I visited a new country. Also I had the chance to learn a lot about other cultures, as well as useful energizers and ways of non formal education. A huge thank you to you and your organization, for the great opportunity you gave me to participate under the Acpelia organisation and for the trust you showed in me. I am grateful for your support and help. Kindest of Regards, ...............

About the project: It is important to develop the capacity of youth workers to raise awareness and address issues related to the marginalized in the job search process using social entrepreneurship as a tool. 7 NGOs came up with the idea of organizing a training course and exchanging national practices and developing methodologies for social inclusion of marginalized EU citizens. The training course is based on the use of non-formal learning methods and principles that will promote intercultural dialogue, communication, group discussions, interactive presentations, leadership workshops, teamwork and hands-on visits.

Needs and issues

- The need to improve the competencies of youth workers and improve their skills in the field of social entrepreneurship through non-formal education

- The need to promote discriminated participants future youth workers with fewer opportunities who do not have opportunities for active social life and participation in active citizenship

- The need for promotion and exchange of national experiences, practices in the field of entrepreneurship

- The need to create an international network for cooperation, creating a link for long-term cooperation and sustainable contact


- Training of youth workers in the field of social entrepreneurship; cooperation with the marginalized in the job search process

- Research of effective tools and methodologies for support of the marginalized in the process of their promotion before the labor market

- Promotion of marginalized youth workers who are the target and target of discrimination in the process of job search, in the workplace, in the process of social promotion

- Presentation of national practices to support the marginalized in the job search process, creation of an international network of cooperation for exchange of national experiences

About the training activity:

What the training course offers

This training course offers the opportunity to train and educate participants from 7 different EU organizations: Organizations are actively working with participants with fewer opportunities - marginalized participants. In the initial phase of the training course, a process of assessing the capacity, needs, and capabilities of organizations will be conducted. According to the results of these assessments, organizations and their staff need to upgrade their knowledge and learn new methodologies for working with sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives for marginalized groups. The program of this training course is defined according to the needs and requirements of all participants who will be a part of this training course. This training course will promote 7 organizations and 30 participants (2 trainers will be involved) who will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other within 7 days. This training course will be conducted in order to improve the knowledge of the participants but also to explore new methodologies for promoting social entrepreneurship among marginalized groups. Through various interactive activities, the participants will act as promoters of the training course and will also be the main ambassadors for promoting respectability and tolerance. Debates and presentations will promote new methods to promote marginalised residents and practices to combat discrimination and racism against this category of people. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with participants from marginalized groups and improve their level of thinking. This training course will promote the needs of marginalized residents and their limited opportunities for limited labor and social life. By organizing intercultural nights, participants will have the opportunity to promote different cultures from the EU and marginalized participants to perceive different cultures and traditions in the EU.

The main objectives of the training course:

- Create connections between organizations working on the same topic.

- Provide the platform for the exchange of good practices between similar organizations.

- Develop and share methods that will promote social entrepreneurship and the process of cooperation with marginalized residents.

- Discuss about the future opportunities to strengthen cooperation among similar organizations.

Main deadlines:

Deadline for participant selection – 5th of March

Deadline for travel arrangement – end of March

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

If you want to be a candidate of our program please complete the application form and don't forget to complete the membership form if you are not a member of our organisation. Link for completing the application of membership:

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