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"SEX IS WHY, Gender is how". YE in Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain) | 16 - 27 October 2023

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Project Name: Youth Exchange “SEX IS WHY, Gender is how

Activity: Youth Exchange in Spain. The SEX IS WHY, Gender is how project will involve 35 participants from Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Serbia, from 16 to 27 of October 2023.

Youth Exchange: 16 – 27 October 2023 (including travelling days)

Accommodation: Albergue Inturjoven, Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain)

Venue: You will be hosted in a hostel in a city close to Málaga, called Torremolinos. You will sleep in 4 people rooms, divided by sex. Each room has a bathroom inside. The division for the rooms will not be based on countries, so that we will have a multicultural exchange. Albergue Inturjoven Torremolinos Av. Carlota Alessandri, 127, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga.

Food: The venue of the training will serve the participants with 3- times-a-day meals and snacks and beverages for the coffee breaks.

4 youngsters (ages from 18 to 30) and one leader (no age limit) will be selected from our organisation.

Brief Description of the Project

The aim of the Project is to raise awareness and fight against of the infringement of human rights of women and the violence they suffer, all around the world, because they are women. The oppression that women suffer is a global problem which affects women in the whole world. Because of that, we need to raise awareness about this problem and reflect getting a deeper understanding of what implies being born as a woman and the consequences that this entails, starting explaining the difference between the concepts sex and gender.

We will work about the different inequalities and oppressions that women suffer as the gender pay gap, the lack of conciliation between the personal and Laboral life, the sexual segmentation of the job market, the glass ceiling, the lack of parity in the politics and the physical violence women suffer direct on their bodies, as FGM, child marriage, sexual and reproductive exploitation and feminicide.

4 youngsters (ages 18 - 30) +1 leader (no age limit) from our organization will take place to the program. Travelling food and accommodation all are payed from the program

Characteristics of the participants:

· Who are interested in the topics covered by the project,

· Who can communicate in English.

· Who encounter fewer social, economic, and geographical opportunities or represent the NEET group.

· Who show a big motivation for participation and is available for the whole duration of the youth exchange,

· Who are citizens/residents of one of the participating countries.


· -Clarify the difference between the concepts sex and gender.

· -Initiate the deconstruction of the gender roles socially established.

· -Disassemble the gender stereotypes

· -Raise awareness about the oppression of women based of sex.

· -Prevent and raise awareness about Violence Against Women.

· -Raise awareness about the situation of women´s rights at international level, especially in the EU, and the international tools to defend them.

· -Promote youth participation in civil society and political organizations

· -Create an organization network awareness of the oppression of women in the society.

Aplication for Interest of Participation:

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