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2019 | PORTUGAL | 2 - 8 FEBRUARY 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

On 2-8 of February 2020, it was the second phase of the training “YOUTH IN BUSINESS” in Portugal which was a study visit training. We had an amazing experience; The program was excellent-organised, we learned many things about businesses, and we loved Portugal because it is a special country with special people.  

In the first day of the program, we went to the Anje Business where we learnt that if one business wants to be successful it is not necessary to be complete from its first steps but it’s necessary to have a strong basis and plan. We have also learnt that one business can help and promote other businesses through seminars in order to build and develop those businesses. It is not difficult to make a business, but you have to work hard and to have a target. During the first day, we tasted traditional food and we had the chance to walk in the sand of the Atlantic Ocean and to explore the centre of Porto. It was an amazing experience.

In the second day, we visited the municipality of Paredes and we met the mayor of Paredes and a young businesswoman in fashion who told us about her business. We also visited a history museum which was developed on the plan of learning history with technological methods. We had the chance to visit also the city of Amarante were we did many walks and we had fun. At night we had an intercultural dinner, we tasted foods and drinks from other countries, and we came closer to the other participants.

In the third day, we went to the youth centre of Valongo, where they told us that they promote the most special and interesting projects of young people to the municipality of Valongo and some of them are implemented in reality. After we went to the municipality and we met the mayor of that city. Then we had a free day and we did many walks in the centre of Porto, in Palacio De Cristal and in the shopping centre.

In the fourth day, we went to the youth and athletic centre of Braga. We had the chance to explore the unique view of Braga and during the afternoon we went to an unforgettable monument, the Parque do Bom Jesus from where we could see the amazing view of all the city.

In the fifth day, we visited the business PortoEnorte where they told us about the history of the city, one agricultural business and the “Centro De Interpretation Das Minas De Ouro De Castromil E Banjas” and after we went to the cave from where they find gold. In the afternoon we had the chance to play golf in a golf business. At night we had a farewell party. It was a very emotional time because we had to say the last goodbye to the organizers, Albino, Marlen and Paola, and to the other participants. We hope to see our friends in another seminar or in Cyprus. Cyprus team thanks Portugal for everything! 

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