Nikolas Nikolaou

He is a physics teacher in Agios Ioannis Lyceum in Limassol. His studies are as followed:
  • Bsc and Msc in Chemical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens.

  • Bsc and Msc in Physics at the University of Cyprus.

  • Msc in Educational Leadership at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM).

He participated in more than 20 trainers and youth exchanges and he organized more than 10 Erasmus projects KA105, KA205, KA229.

He is an expert Project Manager, Leader, Trainer and fun of Non – Formal Educational Activities.


Vice President

Orfeas Kritikos

The vice president of our Organisation is a passionate and creative person. He is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University in Business and Management degree. He also did his master’s degree in MBA which help him to be more professional and open-minded. He loves learning new languages, meeting new people and travelling around the world. Furthermore, he has participated in various non-profit programs and lectures in various countries. He participated in several Erasmus+ projects carried out in various countries and was the leader of the Cypriot group in some of them.

General Secretary
Katerina Daniil

Katerina Daniil is the General Secretary of our Organization. She has a B.A. Degree in Classical Studies at the University of Cyprus, M.A. Master in Classical Philology at the University of Cyprus and studies LLB Laws at the University of London. She was a teacher of Secondary Education of Greek Language and therefore she had the experience of working with youths. She has been working as a legal assistant at her family’s Law Firm since 2012. She speaks Greek, English, French and Spanish. She has leadership skills which help her to motivate and coordinate a team, organizational and managerial skills, extensive and creative thinking, composition skills, planning, investment-conferral of initiatives and responsibilities, collaboration

skill and persuasion. Additionally, she is very energetic with a positive spirit, she has social interaction skills, flexibility, willingness, and confidence. She pays attention to detail and perseveres in achieving goals. Furthermore, she has active participation in the Organization since she composes projects for local and European implementation, such as “OUT OF THE BOX” (European program of Non-Formal Education), where she will be a trainer on March 2021 in Limassol-Cyprus. Katerina has participated and still participates successfully in the below Erasmus+ programs:
Youth Exchange in Athens on 28 May-3 June 2019 " Creating in EU",  “Another Way” in Italy on 30 November – 2 December 2019 (this is a project which will be

completed on August 2021), “Youth in Business” training course in Poland on 15-21

December 2019 and in Portugal on 3-7 February 2020.


Stella Komodromou

Stella holds a degree in Environmental Science and Technology and Master in Business Administration. She has participated in several national and transnational projects mainly in environmental, educational and youth themes. She has interest in biohacking, self-optimization and tries to find out what motivates people.

Rafail Tsiorolis

My name is Tsiorolis Rafail. I am studying speech and language pathologist in the Cyprus University of Technology. With my University I had the opportunity to take part in EYE 2018 and to visit the European Parliament. I like to visit countries, meet people and learn about new cultures. 


Anthi Kyriakidou

My name is Anthi Kyriakidou I’m 22 years old with a recognized degree in nursing and health care from the Technological University of Cyprus (Tepak) With excellent communication skills in both Greek and English language. I’m a fellow youth worker and an active member of ACRELIA. As my leadership and management skills are also quite strong that allows me to motivate and coordinate a team also gather accurate research and Evaluation of information, extensive and creative thinking. She has participated and she participated successfully in the bellow Erasmus + programs:

  • Erasmus+ Youth in Business training course in Poland on 15-21 December 2019.

  • Erasmus+ Youth in Business study visit in Portugal on 3-7 February 2020.

Polyxeni Georgiou

• BSc degree: Department of Primary Education at the University of Cyprus.

• MSc degree: Educational administration and evaluation.

• Work at the University of Cyprus in International Relations Service. 

• Work as a teacher: Private lessons in primary students.

• Languages: Greek, English, French and a bit of Italian.

In my free time, I usually go to the gym, go shopping, read some articles, cooking, dancing, walking and I meet my friends. Furthermore, I like travelling because it pushes me to my limits and gets me outside of my comfort zone. Also, I travel to discover why I want to learn about other countries and cultures to broaden my horizons. Last but not least I travel to escape as travelling provides me with adventure and excitement. Experiences with travelling help to bring meaning to our lives.


Marinos Eleftheriou

Marinos acquired a job in Military Services after the completion of his studies in Environmental Science and Technology. He has visited several countries trying to learn about other cultures and traditions. He is an active listener who tries to give valuable advices. His hobby is running, he participated in several 5km and 10km races in Cyprus and aboard.

Maria Fylaktou

Maria Fylaktou is practising Law and currently doing her Masters on European Company Law. She is a member of the board of Acpelia has participated in various trainings and competitions in Europe. When not working, travelling or debating you can find her at the gym or on her roller skates.